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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Beaver - Beaver (1981)

One of DC's most underrated. Beaver were one of those DC bands unfortunate enough to not get a release on the ever-popular Discord Records and instead choosing 300 copies on 'Choice Cuts Records.' As a result, they fell into obscurity. However, those lovable assholes at Dr. Strange Records (Check out their YouTube channel) reissued that EP along with a demo recorded the same year. Here they are. Brill!

Strike Under - Immediate Action (1981)

This record is a bit different to the rest of the American Hardcore pack...which is why I love it! It sorta has a Post-Punk-y feel (Closing In reminds me of No Love Lost by Joy Division), along with kinds Proto-Alt Rock/Indie Rock numbers (Elephant's Graveyard), aggressive Punk Rock (Context) and balls-out Hardcore (Immediate Action). Not to mention the masterpiece that is Sunday Night Disorientation. I ripped this one off YouTube (Courtesy of Felopunk) and now it's here. Original and underrated!

Negative Element - Yes, We Have No Bananas! (1983)

Here's another record! Chicago's Negative Element is one of that scene's most fondly remembered bands. Here's their only record. Also, the audio is slightly higher-pitched for some reason, so if that annoy you, sorry.

Depression - The Reactor Records Years (2008)

Okay, I know it's been a long while but, I have been very busy recently so, I've had no time to work on this blog, which barely gets any traffic anyway. I've also noticed that all of my links are dead so, if there's a link you still want up, let me know and I'll sort it out.

Anyway, here is Australia's most loved Hardcore groups, Depression. I downloaded this from PunkTorrents and converted the flacs to mp3s. I edited the tags a bit and put it all in a rar file and here it is. About the band, they started in 1982 and ended in 1989. This CD contains all of their most cherished work on it. The 'Money Chain' single, the self-titled LP from 1985, the 'Australia, Australia' 12" EP, and their first demo in 1982. A brilliant one you need to download. Most people (Including I) say that the first wave of Hardcore was on the way out in '85, but bands like this kept it kicking for a little while longer...before they jumped on the Metal bandwagon, producing some Crossover Thrash records that I have yet to hear.

Leave me alone, ya buncha wan'ers!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Minutemen - Live @ The Starwood, LA 11/8/80 [HIGH QUALITY VIDEO FOOTAGE!]

Yep, here's the legendary Minutemen live at the legendary Starwood! This HQ video footage of the full show was included on the DVD of the We Jam Econo documentary. This was just before their first record (Or second record, I dunno) was released. It's a great show that you need to watch if you love the Minutemen. Check out the documentary while your at it.

Download this show footage FOR FREE NOW!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Law And Order - Anything But The Critic's Choice

Sorry that this post is so late, I've been out all day. Anyway, Law And Order were a HC band from the Baltimore-area. In fact, the vocalist of this band, Mike Finnegan, was the brother of Void drummer Sean Finnegan (R.I.P.).

This EP was released in 1981, on the band's own Fetal Records. It's a great Thrash record that demands repeated listens.

After Mike left the band, they broke up and hired Bill Stevenson (Not the same Bill of Descendents and Black Flag fame) and formed the rather bizarre, but still great, Bollocks (I have their first EP on my hard drive so, expect that soon).

Thursday, 20 April 2017

War Zone - Amerika The Pitiful EP (1991)

War Zone. No, not the Lower East Side Skinheads from NYC, this this War Zone (Note the space) from San Francisco, fronted by former MRR editor Jeff Bale! Yes, we all know Jeff for his controversial reviews in MRR but, he was also in a band. Two, in fact. Lennonburger, featured on the MRR comp, "Not So Quiet On The Western Front," and these guys War Zone who, on the other hand, we're featured on the "Eastern Front" comp in 1982. Ironic, right?

This 1991-released, 1982-recorded EP was intended to be released on Alternative Tentacles. It never came out on there, I presume because of AT's distributors going bust, which stopped projects by the likes of 7 Seconds in their tracks.

This was finally released in 1991 by Allied Recordings, with only 1,000 copies printed. Well, here it is to download!