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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Various Artists - Middle Of America Compilation

Here's a compilation album put together by a local Punk radio show in Chicago, as the name implies. And, boy, did they do a superb job!

Even though most of the songs on the comp had either already been released on exclusive vinyl or were soon to be released on exclusive vinyl in the future, it still works very well. Naked Raygun's tracks are from their then-upcoming cult-classic LP, Throb Throb. I Don't Know has to be one of my favourite NR songs and probably one of my favourite Melodic Punk tunes. Absolutely essential! Stupid is a lot more Hardcore than their other song. It still rules! Savage Beliefs are next with some fantastic exclusive cuts! Shake Your Neighbor's Hand goes from a melodic punk rocker to a full-throttle Hardcore tune and then back to the former. Double Standard is slower but, still manages to grab your attention with the infectious chorus and dance-able music. These are great tracks and I also highly recommend their even greater EP! Nadsat Rebel sounds like a more Hardcore Big Black, which makes sense since their tracks were produced by Steve Albini and were recorded with Big Black's equipment. I Am The Wall is the type of song where every snare hit feels like it's pounding your useless head in. I can't help but headbang to this song. Getting Ready is much more fast Hardcore than the Big Black Bulldozer-eque former. It still works brilliantly though! Out of Order's two tracks are probably the least memorable for me but, maybe it's more of an acquired taste. They have a very unique singer and their songs feel a lot less conventional to more generic Hardcore. I still really dig it but, maybe I should listen to their LP to get the true experience. 

Articles of Faith have a song from their soon-to-be-released Hüsker Dü-style In This Life LP. To be honest, 5 O'Clock isn't one of their more definitive tunes, in my opinion. It isn't even one of the best ones on In This Life. I would've preferred one or two of the superb outtakes from their Wait EP that were later released as part of the Core collection album. Maybe that's just me though. Rights of the Accused's cuts are low on production side of things (Well, they were from a demo tape, after all) but, they certainly have that wonderful youthful energy that good Hardcore was built on. Not to mention, a neat sense of humour that wasn't present in a lot of bands (Especially Chicago bands). I Came To Dance is awesome Hardcore, and Mean People Suck is a funny funky-punk sing-along. Don't really care for Yo, Yo, Yo that much though. I highly recommend their first 7" and their other comp tracks from this era, including these...avoid everything else! Big Black are probably the selling point nowadays. Big Payback is different to the version on the Racer X EP but, only in the mixing. They don't sound terribly different to me but, hey, it's a great cover anyway. Hunter's Safety is an instrumental and it's really cool but, not one of their best songs. I absolutely adore the guitar melodies though! Last, but not least, it's The Effigies with a weird remix of the B-Side of their Body Bag single. I'd only really recommend Security (Remix) if you were an Effigies completionist, or at least an early Effigies completionist. If you want it more straightforward, stick with the Body Bag B-side.

Overall, this compilation is great and I'd highly recommend you listen to it on YouTube, download it here, or buy it if you have the moolah. It's mostly stuff that has since been released but, it's still very much worth your while!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Beaver - Beaver (1981)

One of DC's most underrated. Beaver were one of those DC bands unfortunate enough to not get a release on the ever-popular Discord Records and instead choosing 300 copies on 'Choice Cuts Records.' As a result, they fell into obscurity. However, those lovable assholes at Dr. Strange Records (Check out their YouTube channel) reissued that EP along with a demo recorded the same year. Here they are. Brill!

Strike Under - Immediate Action (1981)

This record is a bit different to the rest of the American Hardcore pack...which is why I love it! It sorta has a Post-Punk-y feel (Closing In reminds me of No Love Lost by Joy Division), along with kinds Proto-Alt Rock/Indie Rock numbers (Elephant's Graveyard), aggressive Punk Rock (Context) and balls-out Hardcore (Immediate Action). Not to mention the masterpiece that is Sunday Night Disorientation. I ripped this one off YouTube (Courtesy of Felopunk) and now it's here. Original and underrated!

Negative Element - Yes, We Have No Bananas! (1983)

Here's another record! Chicago's Negative Element is one of that scene's most fondly remembered bands. Here's their only record. Also, the audio is slightly higher-pitched for some reason, so if that annoy you, sorry.

Depression - The Reactor Records Years (2008)

Okay, I know it's been a long while but, I have been very busy recently so, I've had no time to work on this blog, which barely gets any traffic anyway. I've also noticed that all of my links are dead so, if there's a link you still want up, let me know and I'll sort it out.

Anyway, here is Australia's most loved Hardcore groups, Depression. I downloaded this from PunkTorrents and converted the flacs to mp3s. I edited the tags a bit and put it all in a rar file and here it is. About the band, they started in 1982 and ended in 1989. This CD contains all of their most cherished work on it. The 'Money Chain' single, the self-titled LP from 1985, the 'Australia, Australia' 12" EP, and their first demo in 1982. A brilliant one you need to download. Most people (Including I) say that the first wave of Hardcore was on the way out in '85, but bands like this kept it kicking for a little while longer...before they jumped on the Metal bandwagon, producing some Crossover Thrash records that I have yet to hear.

Leave me alone, ya buncha wan'ers!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Minutemen - Live @ The Starwood, LA 11/8/80 [HIGH QUALITY VIDEO FOOTAGE!]

Yep, here's the legendary Minutemen live at the legendary Starwood! This HQ video footage of the full show was included on the DVD of the We Jam Econo documentary. This was just before their first record (Or second record, I dunno) was released. It's a great show that you need to watch if you love the Minutemen. Check out the documentary while your at it.

Download this show footage FOR FREE NOW!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Law And Order - Anything But The Critic's Choice

Sorry that this post is so late, I've been out all day. Anyway, Law And Order were a HC band from the Baltimore-area. In fact, the vocalist of this band, Mike Finnegan, was the brother of Void drummer Sean Finnegan (R.I.P.).

This EP was released in 1981, on the band's own Fetal Records. It's a great Thrash record that demands repeated listens.

After Mike left the band, they broke up and hired Bill Stevenson (Not the same Bill of Descendents and Black Flag fame) and formed the rather bizarre, but still great, Bollocks (I have their first EP on my hard drive so, expect that soon).